Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finding the best value accommodations in Key West

Whether you are looking for economy or high end, everyone wants to get good value.  So how do you make sure you get the best deal when booking your next vacation accommodations in Key West?  The answer is to book through Key West Vacation Center and this is why:

1. We book the whole range of vacation accommodations from a simple room at a motel to a huge Conch mansion.

2. If you are looking for a hotel room and the larger booking companies such as booking.com have a better deal than we can offer, we book you with them (or you can book with them on our website).

3. Because we are a third party reservation service, we can be honest with you about what represents good value and what does not.  We are not working directly with any one property owner.

4. We deal with all the main property managers for vacation rentals so if one has the same property cheaper than another, we can book you at the lowest price.

5. If you call about a certain property but we know of something better, we will let you know.

6. We are aware of changes in rates at different times of year and can advise you if you can save money by being flexible on your dates by a few days.

7.  We know which accommodations are willing to be flexible with their pricing and which are not.

Key West is not cheap and it is important to get the best bang for your buck so you can spend more money on the rest of your Key West vacation.  We love saving people money as we know they will come back to us time after time.  We are commissioned by the hotels/property managers so you do not pay for our service and we can save you a lot of time as well as money.

Key West Vacation Center is your one stop shop for your next Key West Vacation.  Check out our properties at www.keywestvacationcenter.com. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter in Key West

Every season in Key West attracts a different kind of traveler.  Winter is the peak season here on the island and is a time when the city fills with snowbirds from our Northern states and Canada and other affluent tourists escaping the snow and ice.  Other Floridians also venture down for long weekends just because they can but also because Key West generally stays quite a bit warmer than many of its Florida neighbors.

Most of the time the daytime temperatures remain in the 80's but are accompanied by gentle breezes without the usual sticky humidity.  With the temperatures  up North plummeting and snow storms leaving many stranded there is always a demand for accommodations in the Keys throughout the Winter months.  It is not unusual for the odd cold spell to blow through leaving the Key West locals dressing in several layers and dusting off wooly hats and socks even though it is still in the 70's!  Tourists however are more than happy to strip off and enjoy the sunshine though wondering if their pipes are freezing back home.

You will not find a 'special deal' at this time as the city will sell out and room rates are at their highest.  You also need to book well in advance to get what you want and to save paying any more than you have to. 

There is bright sunshine and the deepest blue skies during this time and most of the time the ocean temperature is still warm enough to enjoy.  This is not necessarily the season for fishing or snorkeling but many do still take advantage of other adventures out on the water. 

Season begins just before the holidays and continues until the end of April.  January brings some of the best cultured events with the Literary Seminar and the Food and Wine Festival.  January is also the time for the Quantum Sailboat Races a quiet and colorful event which takes place around the middle of the month.  The Food and Wine Festival is a newer addition to Key West's event list but has grown into a very popular week of culinary competitions,  wine tastings and a wonderful food and wine pairing event showcasing the businesses of Duval Street.  Key West has some of the countries greatest chefs and this an excellent way to learn more about our culinary delights while sipping on a glass of wine or four.

So why shovel snow when you could be sampling great food, listening to wonderful music and soaking up the sun in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where everyone is on island time?